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English 58 January 1, 2008

Kim Petras, the accomplished German singer and songwriter, has significantly contributed to the music industry with a diverse collection of singles and featured collaborations spanning from January 1, 2008, to the present day. Her discography showcases an impressive range of musical talent, capturing the essence of pop, dance, and electronic genres.

Commencing her musical journey in the late 2000s, Petras released an array of singles that resonated with audiences worldwide. Her early works, such as "Fade Away," "Last Forever," and "Hillside Boys," demonstrated her burgeoning artistry and set the stage for her rise in the industry.

As her career progressed, Kim Petras continually delivered compelling collaborations and singles. The release of "Heart to Break" marked a significant moment, reflecting her evolution as an artist and garnering widespread acclaim for its catchy pop sound and heartfelt lyrics. Furthermore, her collaborative efforts, including features with artists like Cheat Codes on "Feeling of Falling" and "1, 2, 3 dayz up" with SOPHIE, showcased her versatility and ability to seamlessly blend her style with diverse musical influences.

The year 2020 saw Petras' release of "Malibu," a song that captured the essence of summer and earned admiration for its infectious melody and captivating production. Additionally, her Halloween-themed project, "Turn Off the Light," provided a darker, hauntingly melodic experience, showcasing her adaptability in exploring different musical themes and moods.

Continuing into the present day, Kim Petras maintains her musical prowess, consistently releasing new singles and engaging in various collaborations. Her dedication to crafting innovative and resonant music remains a testament to her enduring impact on the contemporary music scene, solidifying her position as a revered figure in the industry. Whether through her solo singles or collaborative endeavors, Petras continues to captivate audiences with her dynamic range and infectious melodies. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Kim Petras (Singles) album Cover

Kim Petras (Singles) album cover

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