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English 180 January 1, 2021

OhGeesy, an acclaimed American rapper, has left an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene as one of the founding members of the influential collective, Shoreline Mafia. His musical odyssey commenced in 2012, a pivotal year that witnessed the convergence of like-minded artists destined to shape the rap landscape. OhGeesy's journey began as he embarked on a collaborative venture with fellow musicians, a union that would later crystallize into the formidable force known as Shoreline Mafia.

The origins of this musical powerhouse trace back to the serendipitous encounter between OhGeesy and Fenix Flexin on graffiti-adorned streets, a fateful meeting that laid the groundwork for the group's eventual formation in 2016. The fusion of their individual talents and creative energies gave rise to a unique sound that resonated with audiences and propelled Shoreline Mafia to the forefront of the hip-hop scene.

While Shoreline Mafia garnered widespread acclaim, OhGeesy's artistic evolution took a solo trajectory, reflecting his aspirations beyond the collective. Over the years, he has navigated the rap landscape with finesse, contributing to an array of singles and collaborations that showcase his versatility and skill.

From the inception of his rap career in 2012 to the present day, OhGeesy's discography reflects a dynamic musical journey characterized by growth, experimentation, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of his craft. Whether through solo endeavors or collaborative efforts, OhGeesy continues to carve out a significant space for himself in the ever-evolving realm of hip-hop, solidifying his position as a noteworthy artist with a lasting impact on the genre. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

OhGeesy (Singles) album Cover

OhGeesy (Singles) album cover

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