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English 9 January 23, 2015
The lyrics of "Home Invasion" by OhGeesy depict a lifestyle immersed in drug use, crime, and a disregard for authority. The rapper expresses a brazen attitude, boasting about substance abuse, promiscuity, and criminal activities. The overarching theme revolves around a gritty, rebellious, and hedonistic lifestyle, where the artist takes pride in his actions, including theft, drug dealing, and exploiting relationships. ...Read More

Home Invasion Lyrics

[Verse: OhGeesy]
Drop a four in a two that's a muddy Mountain Dew
Pop a Xan', sip a brew, I'm OhGees, who the f**k is you?
HellaWave, thought you knew and I'm so sauced to the shoes
Said I'm so sauced to the shoes
She hop on my d!ck like an ollie
She f**king the team, we running the trolley
Green with the lean, at the bottom sip the jolly
Sniff a lot of xan and I pop a lot of molly (God damn)
I stay HellaWave, extended clips, stay the hell away
Tryna rob me, I'ma let it spray
Grah, and that's everyday
All my n!ggas been catched a case
Make a n!gga turn to God like Pastor Mase
Catch your b!tch I'ma beat that sh!t
He don't want beef, boy I eat that sh!t
Smoke a lot of dope 'cause I need that sh!t
If a ho press me I'ma tweak that b!tch
Say it to your face, I don't sneak that diss
And I got a lot of clips if you need that sh!t
Rolling in the drop top with the mob pop
Forty Glock shot, pop make a n!gga stop, drop, roll
Get to the floor when we hit the door
Sh!t in the bread, bought the bricks for the low
She set you up 'cause I'm hitting your ho
So we up them poles, my n!ggas we go
Go hit the l!ck, all thanks to your b!tch
Say you got bricks, you ain't needing this sh!t
Did a good job so I'm feeding the b!tch
We took your work, we ain't needing your b!tch
Now she back with you, deceiving and sh!t
Calling you bae, she call everyday
She stealing your lean and she bring it my way
I pour with my homies and nut in her face
I sleep with my K, eat with it too
Mafia sh!t, only eat with a few

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Who is the singer of "Home Invasion" song?

"Home Invasion" song is sung by OhGeesy.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Home Invasion" song?

"Home Invasion" song lyrics written by OhGeesy.

Who is the music producer of "Home Invasion" song?

"Home Invasion" song music composed & produced by AT.LARGE.

When was "Home Invasion" song released?

"Home Invasion" song was released on January 23, 2015.