Booba – Ultra Lyrics & Tracklist

French 144 March 5, 2021

"ULTRA" is the tenth studio album by Booba, a renowned French rapper. Released on March 5, 2021, the album was produced under the labels AZ and Tallac Records. Interestingly, Booba surprised his fans on February 16, 2021, when he took to Twitter to announce that ULTRA would mark his final album. Concurrently, he also revealed the release dates for the CD and vinyl versions of the album, despite previously stating his intention to no longer release physical projects.

Generating significant buzz, Booba further captivated his audience by unveiling the album's tracklist on Piracy's Instagram account, a week after initiating pre-orders for his fifteenth project. The tracklist boasted 14 songs, including seven collaborative tracks with other artists.

The album enjoyed notable success shortly after its release. Merely two weeks later, on March 19, 2021, ULTRA achieved gold certification, signifying more than 50,000 units sold. The accolades continued to pour in as the project secured platinum certification just three months later, amassing over 100,000 in sales.

Booba's decision to announce ULTRA as his final album stirred a mix of emotions among his fans. Some expressed disappointment, while others celebrated the artist's illustrious career and eagerly anticipated what the future might hold. Regardless of his plans beyond ULTRA, Booba's impactful presence in the French rap scene remains unquestionable.

As the album's popularity grew, fans and music enthusiasts dissected its tracks, exploring Booba's signature style and lyrical prowess. ULTRA undoubtedly served as a fitting testament to the rapper's artistic evolution throughout his career, leaving a lasting impression on his devoted fanbase.

In conclusion, Booba's "ULTRA" stands as his tenth studio album and potentially his final offering. Released on March 5, 2021, the album quickly garnered acclaim, reaching gold certification within two weeks and subsequently attaining platinum status after three months. With its intriguing tracklist and collaborations, ULTRA left an indelible mark on the French rap industry, solidifying Booba's influential status as one of the genre's most respected artists. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Ultra album Cover

Ultra album cover

Cast & Crew

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  • March 5, 2021
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  • Alejandro, Alik & Yako, Ani Beatz, Berry Prod, Chanchee, Dany Synthé, Denza, Dogg SoSo, Exel The Future, Kayna Samet, Krims, Mr. Punisher, Nassi, Nel J, Nils, OG’s, Paul Redon, Sam Heaven, Sayen & Steeve Mad

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  • Alejandro, Alik, Ani Beatz, Berry Prod, Booba, Bramsito, Chanchee, Dala, Dany Synthé, Denza, Dogg SoSo, Elia, Exel The Future, Gato, JSX, Kayna Samet, Krims, Maes, Mr. Punisher, Nassi, Nel J, Nils, OG’s, Paul Redon, Sam Heaven, Sayen, Sébastien Graux, SDM, Steeve Mad & Yako