Future – We Still Don’t Trust You Lyrics & Tracklist

English 107 April 12, 2024

"We Still Don't Trust You" marks the second collaborative effort between renowned American rapper Future and acclaimed record producer Metro Boomin, released on April 12, 2024. Carrying forward the momentum from their previous joint venture, "We Don't Trust You," which debuted a mere three weeks earlier, this album delves deeper into their artistic synergy. Spearheaded by Metro's deft production, the album showcases a fusion of Future's lyrical prowess with Metro's signature beats.

The genesis of this project traces back to January 2023 when Metro, in an interview with radio personality Ebro Darden, hinted at the possibility of a collaborative album. He revealed his deliberate decision to withhold certain beats from Future's prior album, "I Never Liked You," saving them for this joint endeavor. Despite initial setbacks, including the loss of three instrumental tracks due to a power outage in August 2023, Metro remained steadfast in his commitment to the project.

Metro's dedication was palpable, as evidenced by his vow not to cut or shave his hair until the completion of the album, a promise he made via Twitter in January 2024. The anticipation reached a fever pitch when, on March 8, 2024, a trailer dropped featuring a tantalizing snippet from the late rapper Prodigy, revealing the album's title and dual release dates of March 22 and April 12.

Renowned journalist Elliott Wilson further fueled excitement by confirming the album's title and its standalone nature, dispelling rumors of it being a mere deluxe edition. Future and Metro solidified the announcement on April 4, unveiling the title "We Still Don't Trust You" alongside a captivating trailer, underscoring the album's distinct identity.

With uncredited guest vocals from industry heavyweights like the Weeknd, ASAP Rocky, and J. Cole, "We Still Don't Trust You" emerges as a testament to Future and Metro's unwavering creative chemistry, offering fans an immersive sonic journey that transcends expectations. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.