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English 34 January 1, 2008

Zara Larsson, a luminary in the realm of music, stands as a prominent Swedish singer and songwriter, leaving an indelible mark on the industry since January 1, 2008. Her illustrious career is epitomized by a rich tapestry of singles and featured collaborations that have resonated with audiences globally.

From her debut in 2008 to the present day, Zara Larsson has consistently delivered a melodic journey that showcases her versatile vocal prowess and songwriting finesse. Beginning with her early releases, she captured attention with singles that reflected both her artistic evolution and the contemporary music landscape. As the years unfolded, Zara's discography burgeoned with a myriad of tracks, each unveiling a new facet of her artistry.

Larsson's collaborative ventures have been a testament to her ability to seamlessly blend her voice with other artists, creating harmonies that transcend genres. Whether featured in chart-topping hits or contributing to musical tapestries with fellow musicians, Zara's collaborations have added depth and diversity to her musical repertoire.

The evolution of Zara Larsson's music mirrors her growth as an artist, with her sound evolving from pop-infused beginnings to more nuanced and mature expressions. Her ability to craft lyrics that resonate emotionally has allowed her to connect with fans on a profound level, making her a celebrated figure in contemporary music. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

Zara Larsson (Singles) album Cover

Zara Larsson (Singles) album cover

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