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41 Swedish Singer & Songwriter

Zara Maria Larsson (born December 16, 1997) was born in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden. She is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She is professionally known as Zara Larsson. Her journey to stardom commenced in 2008 when she clinched victory in the esteemed talent show, Talang, Sweden's rendition of the internationally acclaimed Got Talent series. Since then, Larsson has been a beacon of musical brilliance, transcending borders with her melodic masterpieces.

Her ascent to global recognition was swift, marked by chart-topping singles such as "Lush Life" and "Never Forget You" in 2015, followed by electrifying collaborations like "Girls Like" with Tinie Tempah and "This One's for You" with David Guetta. Larsson's musical odyssey continued to soar with hits like "Ain't My Fault," "Symphony" with Clean Bandit, and "Ruin My Life" in subsequent years, each track resonating with audiences worldwide.

In 2012, Larsson inked a pivotal deal with the esteemed record label TEN Music Group, setting the stage for her meteoric rise. Her debut extended play, "Introducing," unveiled in January 2013, introduced the world to her prodigious talent, buoyed by the phenomenal success of her inaugural single, "Uncover," which not only dominated Scandinavian charts but also achieved a remarkable 6x platinum certification in her native Sweden.

Expanding her horizons, Larsson embarked on a transformative journey, signing a consequential three-year contract with Epic Records in the United States, solidifying her foothold in the international music scene. Her debut international album, "So Good," released in March 2017, captivated audiences worldwide with its infectious beats and poignant lyrics.

In March 2021, Larsson unveiled her highly anticipated third studio album, "Poster Girl," further cementing her status as a musical trailblazer. Building upon her illustrious discography, she continues to push artistic boundaries, with her fourth studio album, "Venus," captivating audiences upon its release on February 9, 2024.

Zara Maria Larsson's indelible imprint on the music industry resonates not only through her chart-topping hits but also through her unwavering dedication to crafting soul-stirring melodies that transcend cultural barriers and unite audiences worldwide. Browse A to Z all Zara Larsson Lyrics, songs, and albums below.