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English 50 June 6, 2024
The lyrics of "Big Dawg" by Rich Dunk featuring DaBaby is a boastful track where both artists express their dominance, confidence, and toughness. They portray themselves as "big dawgs," implying they are powerful, influential, and not to be messed with. The lyrics are filled with braggadocio, discussing their ability to handle any challenge, their success with women, and their readiness to confront any opposition. The tone is aggressive and self-assured, emphasizing their street credibility and superiority over others. ...Read More

Big Dawg Lyrics

[Intro: Rich Dunk]
Ayy, b!tch, I'm a big dawg (Haha)
B!tch, I'm a big dawg (It's Dunk)
B!tch, I'm a big dawg

[Verse 1: Rich Dunk]
I'm a dawg, she keep on talking, I'm locking her jaws
Playing games with these n!ggas, like sauce
This sh!t good luck if they planning on knocking me out (Good luck)
They saying b!tch, smoke n!ggas, brain n!ggas out

[Verse 2: DaBaby]
215 band, with a f**k n!gga cost
Aye, which one of y'all wanna walk down this car?
Like, uh-uh let n!gga put that sh!t apart
N!gga I don't even stop at no red lights
Police gone pull me over, say I'm swerving
I never been a scammer, I was serving
Playing right here on camera, I'ma burn him

[Verse 3: Rich Dunk]
Burn the pressure, like we won
Disrespect the wrong ones, n!gga gone learn
N!gga this sh!t like a b!tch in a scat
N!gga hand him thе five, lil' n!gga it's your turn
They get to wondеring, b!tch I get to smiling
That lil' n!gga hitting, like n!gga don't run
Tell the pop step, n!gga I was born in this sh!t
I can't help it, I'm Ms. Terrance son
Like a new pair of shoes, we buy them b!tch all the time
I just bought me a new pair of gun
I've been getting in my mood, pass me a cup with a liquor and blunt
It's approved
Look at my lungs, n!ggas be talking and sh!t
N!gga try that sh!t n!gga, if you want
Then I'm walking into n!ggas
B!tch, I'm a dawg
He try to act like a dog, I can never be soft on a n!gga
Look what it cost
N!gga, I do it myself, cut the dreads and go stalk on a n!gga
Everybody swear that they shooting, until they go down
Like, what happened? You lost lil' n!gga

[Verse 4: DaBaby]
Okay, you one of them n!ggas that play hard
Once they went (Pft), it's an AR (Yeah)
I knock the dreads out of a n!gga head
Type to beat you up, or get you killed instead
You know super model b!tches give me head
And yeah, they like it, I'm from the bottom
I ain't even got to put designer, or I take a n!gga b!tch in Nike
Ain't even holla, yeah
We popping sh!t, cause b!tch it's any n!gga, it ain't on me
And no, you ain't cut like I'm cut
If you ever let another pu**y n!gga kill your homie
F**k all that looking, if you bug out you get popped in this b!tch
Eat a n!gga face, like some baloney
If it was wrestling, I'd be The Rock in this b!tch
All these other n!ggas some jabronis
I get you dropped in this b!tch, if you looking wrong lil' n!gga
I thought you was tryn' do something
F**k any b!tch, and it was just like 10 P.M
When I got finished n!gga it was two or sum'
Must be the addy, b!tch I got kids
And I can't take care of no grown as* man
B!tch, I must be your daddy
Watch how you giggle when I'm with this n!gga right here
He gone pop your lil' hoe as* for laughing, n!gga

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Who is the singer of "Big Dawg" song?

"Big Dawg" song is sung by Rich Dunk ft. DaBaby.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Big Dawg" song?

"Big Dawg" song lyrics written by Rich Dunk & DaBaby.

Who is the music producer of "Big Dawg" song?

"Big Dawg" song music composed & produced by Rich Dunk & DaBaby.

When was "Big Dawg" song released?

"Big Dawg" song was released on June 6, 2024.