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English 603 January 5, 2024
The lyrics of "Good Intentions" by 24kGoldn delve into the artist's personal struggles and conflicts as he navigates fame, relationships, and self-reflection. The verses depict a journey of ups and downs, from battling inner demons to facing the consequences of prioritizing material success over genuine connections. The song encapsulates the artist's realization of the impact of his actions and the toll it takes on his relationships and mental well-being. ...Read More

Good Intentions Lyrics

[Verse: 24kGoldn]
This just how it is, no more what it was
Wake up, take a shower, then I roll myself a blunt, uh
If I'm being honest, I've been going through a rut, uh
Victim of my selfishness, it's finally catching up, uh
Money over love, b!tches doing drugs
When you getting famous, they gone shower you with love
Copy-pasting compliments, don't mean a single one
I'm addicted to attention, anything to catch a buzz, uh
Roses in the grass, uh, hoes up on a bus, uh
I had good intentions 'til I started slipping up, uh
Lust took over love, now look at where we ended up
With the only one who really know me blocking mе for months, uh
Lost a lot of friends (Friends), uh, happenеd all at once (Once)
How you call me brother, then just leave me in the dust?
Half of me wanna f**k you up, the other half is crushed
And after all of that, somehow, I'm still supposed to learn to trust
Made it out the hood (Hood), uh, got it out the mud (Mud), uh
Momma say she proud of me, don't know what I've become, uh
I be in my feelings but I still don't feel enough
I got angels watching over but them demons creeping up, uh
Bottles on the floor, uh, models in the tub, uh
Room is still a mess, been too depressed to clean it up, uh
Plaques on every wall, but they from 2021
Take a picture, smoke a Swisher, reminisce on how it was, uh
Wiping off the tears, up, picking up the crumbs, uh
I had good intentions 'til I started slipping up, uh
Every story ends, but it ain't over 'til it's done
Ain't too late to change your life and be exactly what you want

[Outro: 24kGoldn]
You love me, you love me
Took a look at my heart, took a glance at me
You love me, you love me
Take a shot in the dark, take a chance on me
There's no love, there's no love, there's no love
F**k the crystal balls, today these hoes keep showing up
I took the time, I did the work, I'm showing up
So take a chance, baby, take a chance, take a chance on us

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Cast & Crew

  • Album
  • Artist / Band
  • Producer(s)
  • Jaasu, Jonnywood, Aksel & LeKen Taylor
  • Writter(s)
  • 24kGoldn, Jaasu, Jonnywood, Aksel & LeKen Taylor
  • Released On
  • January 5, 2024

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Good Intentions" song?

"Good Intentions" song is sung by 24kGoldn.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Good Intentions" song?

"Good Intentions" song lyrics written by 24kGoldn, Jaasu, Jonnywood, Aksel & LeKen Taylor.

Who is the music producer of "Good Intentions" song?

"Good Intentions" song music composed & produced by Jaasu, Jonnywood, Aksel & LeKen Taylor.

When was "Good Intentions" song released?

"Good Intentions" song was released on January 5, 2024.