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English 5 March 26, 2015
The lyrics of "That's Not Me" by Skepta is a diss track aimed at Devilman, addressing his attempts to gain attention by mentioning Skepta's name. Skepta asserts his authenticity and dismisses Devilman's claims, highlighting his own credibility within the grime scene. He criticizes Devilman's music, accuses him of snitching, and mocks his attempts to challenge Skepta's dominance in the genre. The song is a declaration of Skepta's superiority and a rejection of Devilman's provocations. ...Read More

Nasty Lyrics

[Intro: Skepta]
You're not real
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse: Skepta]
I don't know why Chip mentioned my name
But Devilman's tryna get attention again
Told you before this year is the year of the real
Fake n!ggas get left in the rain
Think 'cause I'm up there sitting on a plane
That I can't really hear what the people are saying
But I can hear everything loud and clear
And they're telling me to tell you to stay in your lane
Lord of the Mics, fam, I could have clashed any man
But I said fam, let me clash Devilman
'Cause if man taking the 0121 style
Birmingham have gone clear like Evian
But since then man I can't hear ya
Real Brummy n!ggas said they won't go near ya
And you would get a wung mai lung sun den jung wun sen
If you do a show in your area
And when you talk about 0121, I know some serious people
In some serious places
I saw your set and it's basic
You try fake it
Did a YouTube video, none of your guys in the back ever showed their faces
'Cause they know Devilman did snitch on some serious cases
Say my name, nah, that's not right
Heart on my sleeve any time that I write
Them man can't say anything that I ain't already told man about my life
Made a couple sh!t songs, yeah that's nice
Repeated my bars, oh yeah that's nice
'Cause when your bars are hard like mine fam
Sometimes manna gotta say them twice
Fact of the matter is my bars totally murk
Your bars sound like you're smoking the work
Before you end up on the sex offenders list
Manna gone put the devil in the dirt
Wah gwan for certain man
Thought it was a clash about music
All of a sudden Devilman, you wanna sperm on man
Like a TV, you wanna turn on man
Talk about music, me and my bros are killing it all over the globe
Now you're angry cause everybody on your road is asking for me like the Wi-Fi code
Sep San Wung Si Muli Pun Yo Tiomi Yie Wun Sung you're not ready
And if you ever gave me an ounce of skunk, pu**y I wouldn't pay you a penny

[Outro: Skepta]
Wun Sen
Keep my name out of your nasty mouth
Your nasty lyrics

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Nasty Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Nasty" song?

"Nasty" song is sung by Skepta.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Nasty" song?

"Nasty" song lyrics written by Skepta.

Who is the music producer of "Nasty" song?

"Nasty" song music composed & produced by Wiley.

When was "Nasty" song released?

"Nasty" song was released on March 26, 2015.