Ok Let’s Go! Lyrics – SSGKobe ft. SoFaygo

English 11 October 31, 2020
The lyrics of "Ok Let’s Go!" by SSGKobe ft. SoFaygo revolves around themes of wealth, confidence, and a carefree lifestyle. The lyrics portray a flamboyant and rebellious attitude, celebrating success, disregard for traditional dating norms, and a penchant for living on the edge. The artists boast about their financial success, romantic conquests, and a fearless approach to life. The chorus emphasizes their focus on making money, enjoying relationships without commitment, and dismissing societal expectations. ...Read More

Ok Let’s Go! Lyrics

[Intro: SSGKobe & SoFaygo]
Hey, hey, hey
Woah, woah
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, oh (Brrat)

[Verse: SSGKobe & SoFaygo]
I got lots of bands in my pants
Shawty bad,  she gone f**k me and my mans
F&N get to spraying at your man
Last chance, we give him a last chance (Faygo)
Chopper up, we gone make a n!gga dance, uh (Faygo)
He get no money, what he saying? Uh
Uh, uh (Hahaha)
Uh (Um, I don't know), uh
I just bought a pack up off the Uber driver
I'ma have that b!tch twisting like a screwdriver (Woo)
We gone hit his ass, we hit him with that fire (Woo)
Smoking on this gas, lil' b!tch, pass me the lighter
Ayy, Lil Kobe, we so up, tell them old n!ggas retire
And that lil' ho want suck my partner, she's a biter
Me and Kobe can't fall off, man, wе go higher
And I'm not loving on that b!tch, I one night her
It ain't safе here (Yeah), it ain't safe here (It ain't safe)
When I lay it down, I bet that her neighbors hear
Yeah, when I come around, lil' shawty get nervous
What's the purpose? (What's the purpose?) I'm not gone hurt you
B!tch, I'm still jugging, I get lotta bands
I get F&Ns and spray down your mans
B!tch, we got a key, b!tch, we got a plan
Stole the formula, got it in my hand
Rockstar living (Star), roll a lot of a grams (Yeah)
And my shooter say he Pippen and his gun won't jam (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, she know we gotta kill you, she like, "Damn"
You on Mars off the bars, I don't do the Xans (Woah)
Your b!tch said she wanna f**k with me 'cause she know I'm a winner
All you n!ggas rats, I can't f**k with you, y'all be Master Splinters (Huh)
Eat the bag for dinner (Huh), break her back, I'm in her (Huh)
Balling in the summer (Woah), but my wrist the winter (Huh)
Hey, hey, hey, we get paid
We f**k hoes, we get laid
No dinner dates, we can't go that way
Said she love me, told her, "Go away"

[Outro: SSGKobe]
Hey, hey, hey

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Ok Let’s Go! Lyrics Meaning

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Ok Let’s Go!" song?

"Ok Let’s Go!" song is sung by SSGKobe ft. SoFaygo.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Ok Let’s Go!" song?

"Ok Let’s Go!" song lyrics written by SoFaygo, ​SSGKobe & Trenton Kyle.

Who is the music producer of "Ok Let’s Go!" song?

"Ok Let’s Go!" song music composed & produced by Trenton Kyle.

When was "Ok Let’s Go!" song released?

"Ok Let’s Go!" song was released on October 31, 2020.