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360 English Singer & Songwriter

Ella Mai Howell (born November 03, 1994) was born in London, United Kingdom. She is an English singer and songwriter. She is professionally known as Ella Mai. She began her musical journey in 2014 at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in London, where she honed her craft and gained valuable experience as a performer.

During this time, she auditioned as part of a trio on the 11th season of the popular singing competition show, The X Factor.

In 2015, Ella uploaded a solo EP titled Troubled on SoundCloud, featuring four original tracks that showcased her unique vocal style and songwriting ability. This caught the attention of American record producer Mustard, who discovered Ella on social media and subsequently signed her to his record label, 10 Summers Records.

Over the next few years, Ella released three EPs on the 10 Summers Records label: Time, Change, and Ready. These releases solidified her status as a rising star in the music industry, and paved the way for her debut self-titled studio album, which was released in October 2018. The album features hit singles like "Boo'd Up" and "Trip", both of which charted in the US Billboard Hot 100, with "Boo'd Up" reaching an impressive number 5 position.

Ella's music has been widely recognized and celebrated by industry professionals and fans alike. In 2019, "Boo'd Up" received two Grammy Award nominations, for Song of the Year and Best R&B Song, with the latter winning the award. Additionally, Ella was nominated for British Breakthrough Act at the 2019 Brit Awards, further cementing her status as a rising star.

At the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Ella received three awards, including the prestigious award for Top R&B Artist. This was a significant accomplishment, highlighting her impact on the music industry and cementing her status as a major player in the world of R&B.

Overall, Ella Mai Howell is a talented artist with a unique voice and a passion for creating music that connects with audiences around the world. With her impressive track record of success and her unwavering dedication to her craft, there is no doubt that she will continue to make waves in the music industry for years to come. Browse A to Z all Ella Mai Lyrics, songs, and albums below.