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107 Italian Rapper & Producer

Cosimo Fini (born January 7, 1981) was born in Marianella, Naples, Italy. which is situated on the borders of Scampia, Piscinola, Chiaiano, and Miano. He is an Italian rapper and record producer. He is professionally known as Luchè.

Luchè began his musical career in 1997, teaming up with the rapper and friend Ntò. Together, they founded the hip hop band Co'Sang with Denè and Dayana. The group's first song, "Paura che passa," was featured on the self-produced album "Spaccanapoli" by the Neapolitan collective Clan Vesuvio in the same year.

Following the departure of Denè and Dayana, Co'Sang continued as a duo, releasing their debut album "Chi more pe' mme" in 2005. The album was mainly produced by Luchè and featured 16 tracks in Neapolitan dialect. It included collaborations with the group Fuossera, such as the song "Poesia cruda." Over time, "Poesia Cruda" became a collective and independent label, and both Co'Sang and Fuossera were part of it. The album was later distributed by Universal in October 2006, giving Co'Sang wider recognition.

Between 2005 and 2006, Co'Sang collaborated with other prominent Italian artists, such as Risk and Inoki, on their respective albums "Reloaded - The show is finished Pt. 2" and "The Newkingztape Vol. 1". In 2009, Luchè and Ntò released the single "Nun saje nient 'e me," featuring Fuossera, and followed it up with their second album, "Vita bona," in November of the same year.

Luchè also participated in the Diversidad project in 2010, which brought together 20 artists from across Europe to create the album "The Experience." He contributed to six tracks on the album. In September of the same year, Luchè released the mixtape "Poesia cruda mixtape vol. 1," which featured pieces from members of the Neapolitan collective Poesia Cruda, as well as appearances from members of the Dogo Gang, such as Gué Pequeno, Jake La Furia, and Marracash.

Co'Sang's success led them to perform at various concerts throughout Italy, including a show in Milan on November 26, 2005, alongside Club Dogo, and a performance at Rome's Palladium theater on March 18, 2007, with Urban Force. Luchè's contributions to Italian rap and his collaborations with other artists have helped shape the genre and cement his place in the Italian music scene. Browse A to Z all Luchè Lyrics, songs, and albums below.