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66 Canadian R&B duo

"Majid Jordan", a prominent Canadian R&B duo, is composed of the talented singer Majid Al Maskati and the skilled producer Jordan Ullman. They came together in 2011, their creative synergy sparking at Majid's birthday celebration in a Toronto bar. These two young artists, Majid hailing from Bahrain and Jordan a native of Toronto, were both pursuing their studies at the University of Toronto at the time.

Their musical journey began with remarkable speed and passion. In just one day, they produced their debut single, "Hold Tight," which they initially shared anonymously on the SoundCloud platform. Fueling their aspirations, Majid and Jordan dedicated themselves to crafting their signature sound, operating out of Jordan's dorm room and even his parents' basement. Their collaborative efforts materialized into their very first EP, "Afterhours," which they released under the pseudonym "Good People" on SoundCloud.

The turning point in Majid Jordan's career occurred when their "Afterhours" EP caught the discerning ears of Noah "40" Shebib, a renowned producer closely associated with Toronto's iconic rapper, Drake. Shebib was deeply impressed by their unique blend of R&B, electronic, and pop elements, and he promptly extended an invitation for them to join the roster of OVO Sound, the record label co-founded by Drake, himself, and Oliver El-Khatib.

Majid Jordan's journey from that chance meeting at a birthday party to their signing with OVO Sound is a testament to their musical chemistry and unwavering dedication. Their sound continues to captivate listeners worldwide, marking them as a force to be reckoned with in the R&B music scene. Browse A to Z all Majid Jordan Lyrics, songs, and albums below.