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454 Russian Rap Artist

Markas (Mark) Vadimovich Markulis (born March 31, 1993) was born in Riga, Latvia. He is a Russian rap artist recognized for his gritty and raw style. He is professionally known as Markul. Emerging as a member of the creative association Booking Machine, Markul gained initial recognition within the music industry.

His artistic journey took a significant turn when he relocated with his family to Khabarovsk, Russia at the age of seven, and later moved to London when he was 12. It was during his time in London that Markul's passion for hip-hop began to flourish. Despite facing challenges in an imperfect educational environment, rap music provided solace and inspiration. Markul's exposure to the London music scene, along with his association with Tribe and his admiration for rapper Giggs, had a profound influence on his development as an artist. Furthermore, Markul had the opportunity to collaborate with Oxymiron, an influential figure in the rap scene, resulting in their joint track "In a Quiet Pool."

However, it was Markul's breakout hit "Dry from the Water" and its accompanying music video that propelled him to widespread fame. The song showcased his unapologetically honest and raw lyrics, reflecting the harsh realities of a challenging life. Markul's style deviates from conventional lyrical rap, offering a more introspective and gritty approach to storytelling. Through his music, Markul has carved out a distinct niche for himself in the Russian rap landscape, captivating audiences with his unique perspective and fearless authenticity. Browse A to Z all Markul Lyrics, songs, and albums below.