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1.2K Nigerian Singer & Songwriter

Stanley Omah Didia (born May 19, 1997) was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is a talented Nigerian singer and songwriter. He is professionally known as Omah Lay. he grew up in Ikwerre, Rivers Local Government Area in Rivers State. Omah Lay attended Comprehensive High School in Rivers State before enrolling at the University of Port Harcourt to study Philosophy.

Omah Lay comes from a musical family and is the grandson of the late instrumentalist for Celestine Ukwu, a renowned Nigerian highlife musician. His father also played the drums, which inspired Omah Lay to develop an early interest in music. He began his music career as a rapper and was known by the stage name "Lil King." However, he later transitioned into music production and songwriting.

In April 2019, Omah Lay released his first single "Do Not Disturb," which gained moderate attention. A month later, he released "Hello Brother," which helped to establish his name in the Nigerian music industry. However, it was his self-produced single "Bad Influence," which he released in 2020, that brought him widespread recognition. The song went viral on social media and garnered millions of views on various streaming platforms.

Following the success of "Bad Influence," Omah Lay released his debut EP, "Get Layd," in May 2020. The EP consisted of five tracks and received positive reviews from both fans and critics. The success of the EP earned him a spot as one of the hottest artists in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Omah Lay's music style is a blend of Afrobeats, R&B, and hip-hop. His lyrics are relatable and address various themes such as love, relationships, and societal issues. His unique sound and style have earned him a massive following, and he continues to make great music that resonates with his fans. Browse A to Z all Omah Lay Lyrics, songs, and albums below.