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Rammstein is an iconic Neue Deutsche Härte band from Germany, formed in Berlin in 1994. The band has a consistent lineup, with lead vocalist Till Lindemann, lead guitarist Richard Kruspe, rhythm guitarist Paul Landers, bassist Oliver Riedel, drummer Christoph Schneider, and keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz having remained unchanged throughout their history. The band's approach to songwriting involves Lindemann writing and singing the lyrics over instrumental pieces that the rest of the band has completed beforehand.

After winning a local contest, Rammstein recorded demos and sent them to various record labels, eventually signing with Motor Music. Working with producer Jacob Hellner, they released their debut album, Herzeleid, in 1995. Although the album initially sold poorly, the band gained popularity through their dynamic live performances, eventually leading to the album reaching No. 6 in Germany. Their second album, Sehnsucht, released in 1997, debuted at No. 1 in Germany and resulted in a worldwide tour lasting nearly four years. The album spawned several successful singles, including "Engel" and "Du hast," and the live album Live aus Berlin (1999).

Following their success, Rammstein signed with major label Universal Music and released Mutter in 2001. The album produced six singles, all of which charted throughout Europe. The lead single, "Sonne," reached No. 2 in Germany. Rammstein continued their success with Reise, Reise, released in 2004, with two singles reaching No. 2 in Germany, "Mein Teil" and "Amerika." The former also became their first No. 1 single in Spain.

Rammstein was one of the first bands to emerge within the Neue Deutsche Härte genre, with their debut album leading the music press to coin the term. Their style of music has generally received positive reception from music critics, and they have been commercially successful, earning numerous No. 1 albums and gold and platinum certifications in countries worldwide. Their grand live performances, often featuring pyrotechnics, have played a significant role in their popularity growth.

Despite their success, Rammstein has been subject to some controversies, with their overall image and specific songs coming under criticism. Nevertheless, the band has won several awards and honors, including two nominations for Grammy Awards. Rammstein's unique blend of heavy music, pyrotechnics, and theatrics has made them one of the most iconic bands of the 21st century. Browse A to Z all Rammstein Lyrics, songs, and albums below.