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253 German Polish rapper

Sebastian Enrique Alvarez Pałucki (born June 08, 1983) was born in Berlin, East Germany. He is a talented German-Polish rapper with a multi-lingual ability to write and perform in German, Polish, Spanish, and English languages. He is professionally known as Sentino and his passion for music began to take shape at an early age.

At the age of 15, Sentino participated in a freestyle fight, where he met Joe Rill, a rapper from the group Analphabeten, and Kool Savas, a renowned German rapper. His encounter with Kool Savas led to him signing a contract with Def Jam Recordings, which would have released his debut album. Unfortunately, the label filed for bankruptcy, and his album was never released.

Undeterred, Sentino signed another contract with BMG Subword label, but his album was still not released. Despite the lack of promotion, Sentino's talent and unique style soon made him one of the most famous rappers in Germany, even without a legal record.

However, rumors in the rap community have circulated that Sentino may have been a ghostwriter for another popular German rapper named Bushido. Although the claims have not been verified, it is believed that Sentino played a significant role in Bushido's success.

In 2019, Sentino announced his departure from the Polish music scene to focus on a foreign career. However, the following year, he surprised his fans by releasing his latest album titled "Zabójstwo lyriczne III" in Polish. Unfortunately, the release of the album was overshadowed by a dispute with fellow rapper Quebonafide, who allegedly failed to pay him for his contribution to a song they worked on.

In 2021, Sentino formed a collaboration with a popular Polish YouTuber, TheNitroZyniak, by paying off his debt to his former label, StepRecords. Their collaboration resulted in the creation of the song "Bermuda Triangle," which they recorded with Michał "Masny Ben" Baron.

However, the collaboration between Sentino and TheNitroZyniak came to an abrupt end in 2022 due to a quarrel between them. Despite the setback, Sentino continues to focus on his music, and on October 27, 2022, he began a nationwide tour promoting his latest album, "ZL4EVER," starting at the B17 club in Poznań. Sentino's unique style and talent continue to captivate his fans, and he remains one of the most popular rappers in Germany and Poland. Browse A to Z all Sentino Lyrics, songs, and albums below.