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877 American Singer & Producer

Daniel Virgil Maisonneuve (born October 22, 1999) was born in New Jersey, United States. He is an American singer, producer and songwriter, who has gained a significant following for his unique blend of pop, electronic, and alternative rock music. He is professionally known as Sub Urban.

Sub Urban began his musical journey at a young age, receiving classical piano training when he was just six years old. Despite excelling in his studies, he eventually grew disenchanted with the rigid structure of classical music and decided to quit, claiming that he was "sick of playing other people's compositions."

In 2016, Maisonneuve made the bold decision to drop out of high school to focus solely on his music career. He isolated himself from the outside world and dedicated all his time to writing and producing music, spending hours perfecting demos and creating new songs. It was during this period of intense creativity that he produced his breakout hit, "Cradles."

"Cradles" is a hauntingly beautiful track that blends melancholic melodies with powerful beats and ethereal vocals. The song quickly went viral after being shared widely on the popular social media platform, TikTok, catapulting Sub Urban to fame and cementing his place as a rising star in the music industry.

Since the release of "Cradles," Sub Urban has continued to create music that defies genres and pushes the boundaries of what is possible in modern pop music. With his unique voice, impressive production skills, and boundless creativity, he is one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent years, and his future in the industry looks incredibly bright. Browse A to Z all Sub Urban Lyrics, songs, and albums below.