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"Swedish House Mafia" (SHM) is an iconic Swedish house music supergroup that comprises of three talented artists, Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso. The group officially formed in late 2008 and quickly became a sensation in the music industry.

They have been featured on the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Poll multiple times and have gained recognition for their contributions to the progressive house music genre. With their electrifying music and captivating performances, Swedish House Mafia has been dubbed as "the faces of mainstream progressive house music." Their unique sound has been credited for "setting the tone for the EDM boom of the early 2010s, more than any other act in modern dance music."

The trio has achieved great success, and in 2012, they were ranked at number twelve on the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll. However, in June 2012, the group announced they would be splitting up, leaving their fans heartbroken. Their final performance as a group was at Ultra Miami on 24 March 2013.

For the next five years, Steve Angello worked as a solo artist, while Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso formed the duo, Axwell & Ingrosso. However, their fans never stopped hoping for a reunion.

On 25 March 2018, the group surprised their fans by reuniting with a closing set at the 20th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida. This event marked the beginning of a new era for the group, and their fans could not have been more excited.

Swedish House Mafia continued to create exceptional music, and on 15 April 2022, they released their highly anticipated debut studio album, Paradise Again, through their new label, Republic. The album features a diverse range of tracks that showcase the group's versatility and talent.

In conclusion, Swedish House Mafia is an iconic supergroup that has left a lasting impact on the music industry. With their electrifying music and captivating performances, they have gained a massive following and become an inspiration to many aspiring musicians. Their reunion and new album have reignited the passion of their fans and reminded us why they are still one of the best in the game. Browse A to Z all Swedish House Mafia Lyrics, songs, and albums below.