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93 American Rapper

Cambrell Smart (born October 29, 1993) was born in Broward County, Florida, United States. He is an American Rapper. He is professionally known as Syko Bob. His journey into the music industry gained traction through his association with Kodak Black's Sniper Gang collective, propelling him to prominence with his feature on Kodak's track, "Righteous Reapers." However, his musical endeavors began well before this breakthrough moment.

In 2019, he marked his official entry into the industry with the release of his debut album, "Nightmare Baby," swiftly followed by his sophomore effort, "Psychopath," showcasing his lyrical prowess and distinctive style. Despite his rising success, Syko Bob's trajectory faced a significant setback when he encountered legal troubles.

In March 2023, the rapper received a substantial blow with a five-year prison sentence stemming from a charge of gun possession, to which he had previously pleaded guilty in December of the preceding year. Reports detailed an encounter with law enforcement in January 2022, where a Florida Highway Patrol officer halted him for speeding. Subsequent searches of his vehicle led to the discovery of marijuana and a loaded firearm, positioning him within the legal crosshairs.

Further scrutiny revealed additional charges against Syko Bob, including DUI, possession of controlled substances without prescription, and carrying a concealed weapon, as indicated by jail records obtained by HipHopDX. Despite his confinement, the rapper maintained a connection with his fanbase, reaching out through social media platforms, notably Instagram, where he expressed gratitude for continued support and encouraged communication through mailed correspondence to FCI Beckley in Beaver, West Virginia, his current place of incarceration.

In his Instagram post, he conveyed resilience amidst adversity, awaiting his eventual return to the limelight while expressing concern for his fans' well-being. Syko Bob's narrative embodies both the highs of musical success and the stark realities of legal entanglements, underscoring the complexities within the rap industry's intersections with personal challenges and legal scrutiny. Browse A to Z all Syko Bob Lyrics, songs, and albums below.