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648 Mexican Rock Band

The Warning is a well-known Mexican rock band hailing from Monterrey, Nuevo León, that was formed in 2013 by the Villarreal Vélez sisters - Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra. The band comprises of Daniela, who is the lead vocalist and plays the guitar and piano, Paulina, who is the drummer and provides lead and backing vocals, and Alejandra, who plays the bass guitar and piano and provides backing vocals.

The Villarreal Vélez sisters grew up in Monterrey and received early training on various musical instruments. Daniela and Paulina picked up guitar and drums, respectively, as their primary instruments during their childhood. When Alejandra chose the bass guitar as her primary instrument at the age of 7, the sisters decided to form a rock power trio. They learned to play rock songs, often using the Rock Band video game series, and started posting videos of their performances on YouTube.

In 2014, when Paulina was only 12 years old, she was featured in the women's drumming publication Tom Tom Magazine, which helped raise her profile as a young, talented drummer. The band's big break came later in the same year, when a video of the sisters performing Metallica's "Enter Sandman" went viral on YouTube. The video gained widespread attention among rock music fans, and it eventually earned over 20 million views. The performance was especially notable for Paulina's drumming skills, which impressed even Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, who praised her saying, "The drummer kicks maximum ass!"

Since then, The Warning has gone on to achieve international fame, releasing several successful albums and performing at major music festivals around the world. The band's music is known for its powerful vocals, driving guitar riffs, and energetic drumming, which are all skillfully executed by the Villarreal Vélez sisters. Their unique blend of rock and roll, combined with their youthful energy, has earned them a loyal fan base and widespread critical acclaim, making them one of the most exciting and dynamic rock bands of their generation. Browse A to Z all The Warning Lyrics, songs, and albums below.