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Weeekly is a vibrant and talented South Korean girl group that belongs to IST Entertainment, formerly known as Play M Entertainment. Their formation marked a significant milestone for Play M Entertainment, as they became the company's second girl group in a decade, following the success of Apink. Comprising six members with unique individualities and talents, Weeekly exudes an undeniable charm and passion for music.

The group's debut took place on June 30, 2020, accompanied by the release of their debut EP, titled "We Are." Originally consisting of seven members, Weeekly unfortunately bid farewell to Shin Ji-yoon on June 1, 2022, leaving the group as a sextet. Despite this change, the remaining members continue to captivate audiences with their extraordinary abilities and captivating performances.

One captivating aspect of Weeekly is the inspiration behind their group name. Derived from the concept of assigning a member to represent each day of the week, the group aims to convey the message that every day brings a new and special experience. This creative and innovative approach highlights their commitment to providing fresh and exciting content to their fans.

Weeekly's music style can be described as lively and dynamic, characterized by catchy melodies and energetic choreography. Their songs often encompass relatable themes, reflecting the experiences and emotions of their young and diverse fanbase. The group's impressive vocal and dance skills, combined with their infectious energy, contribute to their widespread appeal.

Since their debut, Weeekly has been actively involved in various music and entertainment activities, showcasing their versatility and growth as artists. Their dedication to their craft and genuine interactions with fans have earned them a loyal and dedicated following both domestically and internationally.

As they continue to evolve and explore their artistic endeavors, Weeekly remains a prominent force in the K-pop industry, constantly pushing boundaries and creating memorable music that resonates with listeners worldwide. With their unwavering passion and undeniable talent, Weeekly undoubtedly has a bright future ahead as they continue to make their mark in the world of music. Browse A to Z all Weeekly Lyrics, songs, and albums below.