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1.2K Egyptian Actor & Trap Singer

Ahmed Ali (born September 11, 1998) was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He is an Egyptian actor and trap singer. He is professionally known as Wegz. He has been making waves in the Egyptian music scene since 2017 with his revolutionary trap music, which has garnered him a massive following in the country and beyond.

Wegz's style of music is a unique blend of trap, mumble rap, electro shaaby, and other Egyptian-flavored genres. He has collaborated with some of the most talented artists in the industry, including Molotof, DJ Totti, L5VAV, Fishawy, and Savage Plug. Together, they have produced tracks that have changed the way hip hop is perceived in Egypt, with his lyrics speaking directly to the youth in the country.

The young artist first made his debut in "Batalo Fake" with Hesham Raptor, which quickly caught the attention of music enthusiasts in Egypt. From there, Wegz went on to create "Dorak Gai," which became a cultural phenomenon, solidifying his status as an up-and-coming talent to watch.

Wegz's music has been praised for its experimentation and the emotion it evokes, which have been instrumental in its widespread appeal. He speaks to the Egyptian youth and embodies the brave and eager-to-be-set-free culture of young people in the country. His performances are a reflection of his bold and fearless approach to music, which has endeared him to fans across the country and beyond.

In conclusion, Wegz is a talented artist who has revolutionized the Egyptian music scene with his unique blend of trap, mumble rap, and electro shaaby. He has collaborated with some of the best in the industry and produced tracks that have resonated with the youth in Egypt. Wegz's music is a reflection of his bold, experimental approach to music, and his performances embody the spirit of a brave and eager-to-be-set-free culture. Browse A to Z all Wegz Lyrics, songs, and albums below.