Under Ice Lyrics – Kate Bush

English 537 September 16, 1985
"Under Ice" by Kate Bush explores themes of isolation, speed, the passage of time, and the hidden aspects of one's self. The song's lyrics evoke a sense of wonder in a desolate, wintry landscape and hint at deeper emotional and psychological layers beneath the surface. The presence of something beneath the ice adds an element of suspense and mystery to the narrative. Let's explain the meaning of each paragraph. ...Read More

Under Ice Lyrics

[Intro: Kate Bush]
It's wonderful
Everywhere, so white

[Verse 1: Kate Bush]
The river has frozen over
Not a soul on the ice
Only me
Skating fast

[Verse 2: Kate Bush]
I'm speeding past trees
Leaving little lines in the ice
Cutting out
Little lines
In the ice
Splitting sound
Silver heels
Spitting snow

[Verse 3: Kate Bush]
There's something moving under
Under the ice
Moving under ice
Through water
Trying to (It's me)
Get out of the cold water (It's me)
Something (It's me)
Someone help them

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Under Ice Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Under Ice" song?

"Under Ice" song is sung by Kate Bush.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Under Ice" song?

"Under Ice" song lyrics written by Kate Bush.

Who is the music producer of "Under Ice" song?

"Under Ice" song music composed & produced by Kate Bush.

When was "Under Ice" song released?

"Under Ice" song was released on September 16, 1985.