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English 11 January 1, 2009

"London Grammar" are an English indie pop band formed in Nottingham in 2009. London Grammar emerged from the diverse backgrounds of its members: Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, and Dominic "Dot" Major. Initially connecting via Facebook, Reid and Rothman's collaboration flourished when they encountered Major's djembe skills at the Student Union. Their synergy became evident through local performances, but it was their 2012 YouTube release of "Hey Now" that propelled them into the spotlight, catching the attention of Ministry of Sound.

The self-release of their debut EP, "Metal & Dust," in February 2013, featuring the standout track "Hey Now" alongside new compositions and a remix by Major, marked their formal entry into the music scene. Collaborating with Ministry of Sound for their debut album, the trio dedicated much of 2013 to studio work, culminating in the release of "If You Wait" later that year.

Drawing comparisons to iconic acts like Massive Attack, The xx, and The National, London Grammar's debut album garnered widespread acclaim, particularly in the UK where it topped charts. Their breakthrough in the US came with the collaboration with Disclosure on "Help Me Lose My Mind," featured on Disclosure's album "Settle."

In 2017, London Grammar unveiled their sophomore album, "Truth Is a Beautiful Thing," featuring singles such as "Rooting For You" and "Big Picture." Their musical evolution continued with the release of their third album, "Californian Soil," in 2021, marked by singles like "Baby it’s You" and "Lose Your Head."

With each album, London Grammar has solidified their status as a captivating force in the indie pop scene, blending ethereal vocals, emotive lyricism, and atmospheric soundscapes to craft music that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide. Below you can find a to z all track details, with lyrics and videos.

London Grammar (Singles) album Cover

London Grammar (Singles) album cover

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