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"London Grammar" are an English indie pop band, originated amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Nottingham University in 2009. The trio, comprising Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, and Dominic "Dot" Major, converged from diverse academic pursuits; Rothman delved into Economics, Reid harbored aspirations of psychoanalysis, and Major immersed himself in the realm of English studies.

Their serendipitous union blossomed as Rothman and Reid's online correspondence via Facebook materialized into a tangible collaboration, further enriched by Major's percussive prowess on the djembe, observed during a fortuitous encounter at the Student Union. Emboldened by local acclaim from early performances, the trio's ascent was catalyzed by the viral success of their evocative track "Hey Now," disseminated to widespread acclaim on YouTube in 2012. Recognition beckoned when Ministry of Sound recognized their burgeoning talent, extending a pivotal record deal.

In February 2013, their inaugural EP, "Metal & Dust," epitomized their nascent artistry, featuring the seminal "Hey Now" alongside two original compositions and a remix by Major. Subsequent collaboration with Ministry of Sound precipitated an intensive studio immersion, culminating in the release of their debut studio album, "If You Wait," in September 2013. Reid's lyrical narratives, informed by her academic pursuits, delved into the intricacies of the human psyche, resonating with audiences beyond mere romantic discourse.

The album garnered critical acclaim, drawing parallels to luminaries such as Massive Attack, The xx, and The National, igniting a fervent following that transcended national borders. International recognition burgeoned with their collaboration on "Help Me Lose My Mind" with Disclosure, a seminal track from the latter's album "Settle," propelling London Grammar into the transatlantic spotlight.

Subsequent releases, including their sophomore effort "Truth Is A Beautiful Thing" in 2017 and the ethereal opus "Californian Soil" in 2021, further cemented their status as luminaries of the indie pop landscape, each album adorned with introspective lyricism and sonic tapestries that captivate audiences worldwide. Browse A to Z all London Grammar Lyrics, songs, and albums below.