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English 320 October 27, 2023
"Best Time" by Brent Faiyaz seems to focus on the singer's experiences with various women from different places, emphasizing the allure and beauty of these women, particularly those from Virginia, New York, Miami, Prince George's County (PG), and his local area. The song seems to celebrate the idea that this person is the finest and most significant individual in the artist's life. Let's explain the meaning of each paragraph. ...Read More

Best Time Lyrics

[Verse: Brent Faiyaz]
I've been all over the world (You know)
But you the finest one
I done seen the finest dimes
But all the pretty girls come from VA (That's right)
Then it's New York and M-I-A
Then, it's PG and 'round in my way
So I never had to stay away
(Should've never stayed away)
For long
Say you're going where?
Ain't nobody going if we ain't gone be there
Keep her on your arm 'cause she gone wanna stay
All the pretty girls wanna be there (That's right)
F**k around and find out
She like one of mine, now she minе now
You just turn around and she come down
(Should've nеver stayed away)
For long (For long)

[Chorus: Tommy Richman & Brent Faiyaz]
The best time she's ever had (Yeah)
The best time she's ever had (Yeah)
The best time she's ever had
(The best time, all the time)
The best time she's ever had
The best time she's ever had (Yeah)
The best time she's ever had
(All the time, you know)

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Best Time Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Best Time" song?

"Best Time" song is sung by Brent Faiyaz.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Best Time" song?

"Best Time" song lyrics written by Brent Faiyaz, Dpat, Kelis & Tommy Richman.

Who is the music producer of "Best Time" song?

"Best Time" song music composed & produced by Dpat.

When was "Best Time" song released?

"Best Time" song was released on October 27, 2023.