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Korean 71 March 29, 2024
J-Hope의 "I Wonder..."(Feat. 정국)의 가사는 호기심과 미래에 대한 사색의 주제를 탐구합니다. 앞으로 어떻게 될지에 대한 불확실성과 질문이 제기될 때 발생하는 불확실성과 질문을 탐구합니다. 현재 순간을 소중히 여기고 있으면서도 미래가 가지고 있는 가능성에 대해 궁금해하는 욕망을 표현합니다. 가사는 현재 체험한 사랑과 행복을 감사하면서도 변화의 불가피성과 미래의 알려지지 않은 측면을 인정합니다. ...Read More

I Wonder... Lyrics

[Intro: J-Hope]
I wonder everything about us

[Verse: J-Hope]
Tell me what we do
I wonder what we'll be like
어떤 모습일지도
And how we be living our lives
세월의 야속 앞에
미련하게 궁금해
(I wonder everything about us)
삶의 끝자락 황혼을 접해도
기대 없이 마주해,  love that Yourz
정해진 답은 그저 없고
열렬히 당당하게 무지의 고백 중
치열하게 살았던 만큼
Drawing a perfect, you and I
우리 색채는 뚜렷하니깐
So I wonder, and I wanna

[Pre-Chorus: Jung Kook]
And I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder where we'll go
(Where we'll go)
'Cause I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna keep you close
(Keep you close)
There's a hundred million maybes but I gotta know
(Gotta know)
We could keep it alive for life

[Chorus: Jung Kook]
This love, right now
It's all we got, all we need
We're happy right now
So why don't we ride this feeling?
Just dance right now
But don't you stop looking forward
Just enjoy it, this love
We can keep forever falling

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Cast & Crew

  • Album
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  • Producer(s)
  • Pdogg
  • Writter(s)
  • Pdogg, ​j-hope, Melanie Joy Fontana & Michel “Lindgren” Schulz
  • Released On
  • March 29, 2024

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "I Wonder..." song?

"I Wonder..." song is sung by J-Hope ft. Jung Kook.

Who is the lyrics writer of "I Wonder..." song?

"I Wonder..." song lyrics written by Pdogg, ​j-hope, Melanie Joy Fontana & Michel “Lindgren” Schulz.

Who is the music producer of "I Wonder..." song?

"I Wonder..." song music composed & produced by Pdogg.

When was "I Wonder..." song released?

"I Wonder..." song was released on March 29, 2024.