Letter To My Brudda Lyrics – 21 Savage

English 65 January 12, 2024
The lyrics of "Letter To My Brudda" by 21 Savage reflects on the challenges and betrayals faced in life, particularly in the context of street life. The lyrics delve into themes of loyalty, hardship, and the struggle for survival. The artist addresses the complexities of relationships, the consequences of crossing certain lines, and the harsh realities of the streets. The introspective tone reveals a desire for forgiveness, understanding, and a sense of perseverance amidst adversity. ...Read More

Letter To My Brudda Lyrics

[Intro: 21 Savage]
Woah, woah, woah

[Verse 1: 21 Savage]
Once you cross that line, it ain't no trying to fix it
You want me to forgive you, let's be realistic
I can't kick it with your kind like I tore my meniscus
How you go from co-defendant to a f**king witness?
They'll stand on couches with you
But won't stand on business, Woah
I watched everybody turn on my brother like
He ain't have 'em out here flying jets and f**king b!tches
This sh!t ridiculous
I feel your pain, my brother
I know you from the struggle
I know how hard you hustled just to take care of your mother
I know you took clothes off your back for n!ggas you call brother
I know how hard it get in this jungle
Tryna prevail without being tried like you no sucker
Huh, life's a motherf**ker, yeah
I know ain't nobody perfect
But what's the point in making it out if all they do is cuff ya?

[Interlude: 21 Savage]
You know, we be coming from, like
The worst conditions, the worst circumstances
The trenches, the gutter
And sometimes we be forced to make decisions
That we don't even wanna make
It be about survival
At the end of the day, we be having good hearts
They just be in bad places
I guess that's life, though

[Verse 2: 21 Savage]
Father God, forgive me for my sins
Take the mask off all my enemies
That's out here acting like my friends
Did some sh!t I'm praying I never gotta do again
I put blood, sweat, and tears inside this win
If I take care of my hood, the prosecutor call me Gotti
Turn my back on the hood, they probably kill me, probably rob me
It's a Catch-22, I'm being honest
Hard work, tryna keep the past behind me
I still be having flashbacks 'bout Johnny
Fast forward and the major label signed me
Had to hustle, had to focus, perseverance
Mama used to go to TJ Maxx and shop on clearance
Tayman and CJ, I can still feel they spirits
Skinny and Wanwan used to rap, I know they hear it
It ain't that easy, putting pain inside of lyrics
Send this up to Heaven so they can clear it

[Outro: 21 Savage]
Y'all know, like, real street n!ggas gone feel this sh!t
And I don't want n!ggas to get misunderstood
'Cause the rules we live by, don't even matter no more
Just a, just a setback for you to come back
Can't hold a n!gga down forever
Know what I'm saying?
'Til then, we gone hold this sh!t down, straight up

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Letter To My Brudda Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Letter To My Brudda" song?

"Letter To My Brudda" song is sung by 21 Savage.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Letter To My Brudda" song?

"Letter To My Brudda" song lyrics written by 21 Savage, KXVI, Paola Barba, G06 Beatz & Tyrese McGriff.

Who is the music producer of "Letter To My Brudda" song?

"Letter To My Brudda" song music composed & produced by ​liltyh, KXVI & G06 Beatz.

When was "Letter To My Brudda" song released?

"Letter To My Brudda" song was released on January 12, 2024.