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The lyrics of "Power Trip" by Yeat revolve around the complexities of love, self-reflection, and the consequences of one's actions. Yeat expresses the confusion and conflicts in a relationship, touches on themes of power, and explores the emotions associated with love and betrayal. The verses delve into personal struggles, questioning decisions made, and the impact of those decisions on oneself and others. The overall tone is introspective, with a blend of vulnerability and assertiveness. ...Read More

Power Trip Lyrics

[Intro: Yeat]
I love the way you love me
So why do I feel like that?
You live and you don't learn

[Verse 1: Yeat]
I wonder what I coulda did and what I never did
I wonder what you coulda hid and what you coulda said
It’s not a lot of people like us, so I have respect
But don't go talking down your neck unless you love being dead
I might, go crazy, I'm out my head
I might, kill 'em, and drop 'em dead
I might've did it but I don't think I did
I might've done some things I never did
What would you do if everything was just, not for you?
What would you do if every time you jumped, the hula hoop's on fire?
Girl tell me, just don't lie
Who'll tell me when you lie?
Girl tell me when you cry
Just inform me when you die
I don't search for nothing, I'm not one to go and pry
But I'm one to leave you backstabbed, then leave you blind
A cut across the eyes'll leave you blind for life
It only takes one time, it only takes a night
I brought the big AR out, and you brought the knife
I'ma kill ya nice and quick, that's kinda kind
Then don't go waste no time
Then don't go talking to me if you know you not gone be mine

[Verse 2: Yeat]
I own a private jet
I'm on a power trip
You don't have to say it, you did it
I already knew before you said it
Pushing buttons a instrument, so let me play it
I ain’t heard you, so speak up, what was you gone say?
Somebody getting saved tonight
Somebody getting played tonight
Got a very bad, but very good mind
A whole 'lot of things look worse in the light
And a whole 'lot get worse when you try
That's why I let a lot of things fly
If I could, then I would
I'll never get stuck to a thing unless it's good
Is it good for me, or bad for you, or both of us
And it's hard to believe you more than most of us
I got a gun inside my pocket like I'm supposed to
They ain't ever gonna let you in, they ain't supposed to
Every time you walk a mile, you only a inch closer
Keep on inching like a slug 'til it's over
Keep in mind that this sh!t ain't gone be over
Keep in mind when you push me, push me over
I'm a G-Wagon, you a Range Rover
And it's hard for me to ever stay sober
I'ma sit down at the top until it's over
Wait, wait, 'til it's over
Wait, 'til it's over

[Verse 3: Yeat]
Oh, moving, oh places with ya
In this new life now
I told myself "Never again", but I did it again, I do it everytime
Moving fast, moving slow, moving sideways at times
When I'm high and I can't hide behind the lies
And I know that you know that you feel that
'Cause you couldn't look me in my motherf**king eyes
All that we have's the future
It's a new life now, it's a new life now

[Outro: Yeat]
The plane just landed, for my trip
But I'm always on that trip

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  • Artist / Band
  • Producer(s)
  • star boy, Yeat, AM, Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow, Tom Levesque & Oscar Adler
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  • Yeat, Childish Gambino, star boy, AM, Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow, Tom Levesque & Oscar Adler
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  • February 16, 2024

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Power Trip" song?

"Power Trip" song is sung by Yeat.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Power Trip" song?

"Power Trip" song lyrics written by Yeat, Childish Gambino, star boy, AM, Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow, Tom Levesque & Oscar Adler.

Who is the music producer of "Power Trip" song?

"Power Trip" song music composed & produced by star boy, Yeat, AM, Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow, Tom Levesque & Oscar Adler.

When was "Power Trip" song released?

"Power Trip" song was released on February 16, 2024.