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Eunique Cooper Remble (born July 3, 2000) was born in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, United States. He is an American Rapper. He is professionally known as Remble. The Los Angeles Times aptly labeled him as "laceratingly funny" with a vocal style that is both distinctive and technically impressive. Remble's musical journey took flight when he collaborated with a friend, recording their inaugural track on SoundCloud using makeshift studio equipment at his home.

In 2018, at the age of 18, Remble unveiled "Fortnite," his first studio-recorded song, marking the commencement of his rise. Notable singles like "Bang That," featuring Blueface, further fueled his growing buzz. After a brief hiatus, Remble made a striking comeback in 2020 with the "Ruth's Chris Freestyle," catching the attention of Drakeo, a response that would blossom into a collaborative effort. Their joint release, credited to Remble X Drakeo the Ruler, showcased Remble's crisp and declamatory style, earning praise and solidifying his affiliation with the Stinc Team, with Drakeo as his mentor.

The viral success of the "Gordon Ramsay Freestyle" in February 2021 propelled Remble into the mainstream, with millions of YouTube views and widespread internet memes. Subsequently signing with Warner Records, Remble dropped his debut mixtape, "It's Remble," in July 2021. Comprising 13 tracks and featuring artists like Mozzy, Drakeo, and BlueBluxClan, the album garnered positive reviews. Critics praised Remble's vivid storytelling, wonderful delivery, and punchy rhymes. August Brown of the Los Angeles Times dubbed Remble "LA's next big hip-hop star," emphasizing his major-label deal, substantial streaming numbers, and recognition on Spotify's 'Artists to Watch' list.

Tragically, on December 18, 2021, Drakeo, Remble's mentor and collaborator, was fatally stabbed during a backstage altercation at the Once Upon a Time in LA festival. Learning of Drakeo's demise through a text message, Remble undoubtedly faced a profound loss in the midst of his burgeoning career. Browse A to Z all Remble Lyrics, songs, and albums below.