Never Tell Freestyle Lyrics – Remble

English 9 June 2, 2020
The lyrics of "Never Tell Freestyle" by Remble delves into the rapper's experiences and mindset, touching on themes of street life, conflict, and his assertive attitude. The lyrics showcase a mix of bravado, confidence, and a willingness to confront challenges head-on. Remble emphasizes his individuality, recounting incidents from his life while expressing a disregard for those who may doubt or oppose him. ...Read More

Never Tell Freestyle Lyrics

[Verse: Remble]
Have you ever made a promise to never tell?
Have you ever ran a fade in the county jail?
Sitting in the cell, half a million dollar bail
Know you gone prevail but they got you in the shelf
It's Remble
I guess it's time for me to rap again
Freestyle over the phone, got b!tches tapping in
Sneak dissing, got me clutching on my strap again
Please don't get me suiting up in all black again
All types of "free me"s, I'm in high demand
These boys living fairytales, you n!ggas Petеr Pan
Aye bro, that's your enemy, why you ain't fight thе man?
You just told the hold dorm that is was on sight with him
(Run that sh!t up, Robbie, ayy)
Remble cold, all these b!tches want some pipe from him (Ayy)
Got to squabble, don't no n!gga wanna fight from him (Ayy)
If I lose, I guarantee I'll take his life from him (Ayy)
On the street, I shoot guns, I can't fight for sh!t (Ayy)
Why you wanna fight me? You should fight your b!tch
You mad at the next n!gga cause she liked the d!ck
You better watch who you pressing, you might get hit
I don't wanna fade no more, you could fight the stick
This n!gga want a fade, I don't do no tapers
I just blew his mind, thought it was a no brainer
Man I swear these n!ggas broke, they don't get no paper
I ran it up by myself, I ain't get no favors
Sit on the bench and watch me ball like you supposed to
Stop acting tough up on the gram 'fore I expose you
These four-five shells and nine shells will dome you
These b!tches thinking that I want them, I just want cooch
B!tch, the only women that I love is my f**king mama
Only b!tch put money on my books was Latashiana
Keep a rocket in my pocket, any n!gga want the drama
Any problems, here my Nina, up and politely solve 'em
They don't know who killed that man, I'm the one who shot him (Ayy)
Where's the gun that you used? Bikini Bottom (Ayy)
They don't know who stripped that boy, I'm the one who robbed him (Ayy)
The four-five had him running, I'm the one who caught him (Ayy)
I'm the reason certain n!ggas is breathing still
I'm in the hood or at my granny's, I'm a easy kill
I do the killing when I'm sober, I don't need a pill
You n!ggas ain't living like that, let's just keep it real
I got a four-five Smith, ain't talking Will
Banana clip on the chop got n!ggas peeled
All my opps that's alive, they live in fear
All these hollow tips and nines, they end careers
Play that Remble in your car, his sh!t be knocking
He keep his foot on n!ggas knecks, he's Derek Chauvin
I am not these other n!ggas, I'm really popping
Popped a n!gga in the store and continued shopping
(It's Remble)

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Never Tell Freestyle Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Never Tell Freestyle" song?

"Never Tell Freestyle" song is sung by Remble.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Never Tell Freestyle" song?

"Never Tell Freestyle" song lyrics written by Remble.

Who is the music producer of "Never Tell Freestyle" song?

"Never Tell Freestyle" song music composed & produced by ROBBIE.

When was "Never Tell Freestyle" song released?

"Never Tell Freestyle" song was released on June 2, 2020.