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English 9 February 19, 2021
The lyrics of "Gordon R Freestyle" by Remble explores themes of street life, violence, and the challenges of survival. The lyrics delve into his experiences with crime, conflicts with others, and his readiness to defend himself. The references to weaponry, specific incidents, and cultural figures provide a gritty portrayal of the rapper's environment. The overall tone is assertive, showcasing Remble's confidence and resilience in the face of adversity. ...Read More

Gordon R Freestyle Lyrics

[Verse: Remble]
Are you willing to die for those Christians?
(Die for those Christians?)
Do you really feel fly in True Religion? (True Religion)
Did you think you would survive 5.56s? (5.56s)
You spent a band on a burner and died with it? (Died with it?)
40 pointers on Rollie's, the time glisten (Time glisten)
Superchargers on foreigns, we drive different (Drive different)
Can you believe that he tucked on my l!ck? (Laudiano)
Like why would anyone go against my Smith & (My Smith)
His grave is his placement, he AWOL (AWOL)
Christopher Dorner and snipers with ACOG (ACOG)
If you can't see I'm a joint then you're Ray Charles (Ray Charles)
These n!ggas Braxton, just acting like Tamar (Tamar)
Run up on me and see what I'm made of (Made of)
Tuh, you're better off stealing a bait car
I'm blowing up, I been stepping on claymores (Claymores)
The bullet hit his head like it was made for him (Made for him)
Shawn Michaels at parties, I'm high kicking (High kicking)
Monkey nuts on big choppers and side b!tches (Side b!tches)
A Gordon Ramsay entrée with a side dish (Side dishes)
2007 in class with a sidekick (Sidekick)
Subwoofers installed in white Benzes (White Benzes)
Gang members involved with tight fitteds (Tight fitteds)
If you don't snatch his chain now, you might miss it (Might miss it)
He's Ryan Hollins into it with Mike Bibby (Mike Bibby)
I keep a Glocky with nuts, don't fight with me (Don't fight with me)
Rats helped my dad get a life sentence (Life sentence)
Real foolies with vocals, the time givers (Time givers)
A pen and pad with a smile, you like snitching (Like snitching)
Slayed a n!gga just for p!ssing in the sh!tter
K's and pistols for a fade, I brought some hitters with the clippers
(Hitters with the clippers)
Sniper bullets, these'll hit 'em from a distance
When I'm into it with a n!gga I won't stop 'til he's finished
(Stop 'til he's finished)
Eat the beef fast, I'll never save it for dinner
He threw his beef in crock pots, he was just letting it simmer
(Letting it simmer)
Y'all run my homie then I'm squabbling next
I pull out TECs in between fights, let's see who squabbles the lead
(Squabbles the lead)
Served him with the 9, wait 'til he see what this .40 do
(See what this .40 do)
Buddy ran up on the wrong guys and they totaled him
(Guys and they totaled him)
No, for real, they really did what they supposed to do
(They really did what they supposed to do)
Drop him to a knee, it looked like he was proposed to 'em
(Like he was proposed to 'em)
I know who did it but I can't tell you who shot the man
(Who shot the man)
He spinned them blocks disguised in wigs like he was Juwanna Mann
(He was Juwanna Mann)
Really splitting wigs since little kid's out his momma's van
(Out his momma's van)
Bounced out with AR's, tripping, hitting his choppa dance
It's Remble (It's Remble)

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Gordon R Freestyle Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Gordon R Freestyle" song?

"Gordon R Freestyle" song is sung by Remble.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Gordon R Freestyle" song?

"Gordon R Freestyle" song lyrics written by Remble.

Who is the music producer of "Gordon R Freestyle" song?

"Gordon R Freestyle" song music composed & produced by Laudiano.

When was "Gordon R Freestyle" song released?

"Gordon R Freestyle" song was released on February 19, 2021.