Upuan Lyrics – Gloc-9 ft. Jeazell Grutas (English)

Filipino 383 June 22, 2009
"Upuan" by Gloc-9 and Jeazell Grutas revolves around the stark contrast between the lives of the privileged and the less fortunate. It criticizes societal inequalities, shedding light on the struggles faced by those in poverty while juxtaposing them with the extravagance of the affluent. The lyrics highlight the disparity in living conditions, access to resources, and opportunities. The chorus urges the privileged to step into the shoes of the less fortunate, emphasizing the need for empathy and understanding. ...Read More

Upuan Lyrics (English)

[Hook: Jeazell & Gloc-9]
You who are seated
Try standing up
And you might see, and you might see
My true situation
(This is how it is)

[Verse 1: Gloc-9]
Excuse me, are you inside
A large house with a spacious yard
High walls surrounding
And lined up with expensive cars
Guards whispering constantly
No wedding but many in barong
Even if the rain gets stronger, the roof has no leaks
Plates and utensils unfamiliar with burnt rice
And the rice is as white as boxed milk
And even if it's not Christmas, there's ham on the table
It must be nice to live in a house like that
They say you can also find here
The person who owns a chair
That, when there's an opportunity, is fought over
So he never lets it go
If I could only see him, I would shout

[Hook: Jeazell Grutas]
You who are seated
Try standing up
And you might see, and you might see
My true situation

[Verse 2: Gloc-9]
With all due respect to the person sitting
Do you know that our rice container is not full?
The walls of our house are patched-up galvanized iron
At night, it's extremely hot, melting ice
That we can't afford to put in drinks
Water boiled in an old charcoal-fueled pot
Using only kindling swept from the drain
Serving as a kitchen in the morning, our bathroom at night
My mother, with her wealth of a cooking pot
Only used when my father gets his salary
But it's still not enough, dried fish and salt for viand
Fifty pesos for the whole afternoon, we make do
I don't know if there are really many obstacles
Or the fence is just high
Or maybe you're just turning a blind eye
Even with all your money
No doctor can clarify your vision

[Outro: Jeazell]
Don't be too obvious
Stone thrown in the sky
Don't get mad if you get hit
Oh, stone thrown in the sky
Whoever gets hit
Don't be too obvious (Oh)
Don't be too obvious
(Don't be too obvious)
(Don't be too obvious)

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Upuan" song?

"Upuan" song is sung by Gloc-9 ft. Jeazell Grutas.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Upuan" song?

"Upuan" song lyrics written by Rudy Tee.

Who is the music producer of "Upuan" song?

"Upuan" song music composed & produced by Gloc-9.

When was "Upuan" song released?

"Upuan" song was released on June 22, 2009.