44ever Lyrics – Logic

English 59 April 19, 2024
The lyrics of "44ever" by Logic celebrates loyalty, authenticity, and self-confidence while reflecting on the artist's journey and success. Throughout the lyrics, Logic expresses gratitude for his genuine supporters ("day ones") and dismisses fake friends and superficiality. He embraces his accomplishments, acknowledges his impact on the rap game, and asserts his dominance as a skilled lyricist. The song also touches on themes of perseverance, fame, and staying true to oneself despite external pressures. ...Read More

44ever Lyrics

[Intro: Logic]
Yeah, ayy

[Verse: Logic]
Day one, day one, day one
This for my day ones, f**k about a fake one
Smoking that one to one till it's all done
And Post give me that good sh!t
In Atlanta, wish a motherf**ker would, sh!t
Uh, hotter than Teflon, sipping liquor with Efron
Sipping liquor with Zac in the back of the green room
Yeah, that's me and my team room, ayy
Me and Khalifa done hit like a million cities, got a million bitties
Wishing they could get in but they can't
Soon as they see me, they faint
Feel like Mick Jagger in '76, huh, got 'em all on my d!ck
Bobby Boy bringing that kick like Kung Fu Kenny
Not many can f**k with me
A lot of you f**k with me
And I'm grateful they stuck with me, like yeah
Ayy, one to the one, come get it done, know I never run
Motherf**ker finna run and get the gun
When they hear that boy spitting, they sh!tting themselves
Like, "Oh my God, I need a witness for what I just witnessed
I think I need witness protection"
No, I can't f**k with injections
Yeah, that's just me and my section
Feel like someone done gave me an injection
Forty-four, four-four, forty-four, four
I'm coming to kill this, I'm bringing the illest
Why you think they feel us? I know
Give a f**k 'bout your feelings, I know
Make a killing and willing I know
I get bills like I'm William, I know
B!tch, I get that money when I flow on a need-to-know basis
All you n!ggas is basic
Watching every single move I make like you just got that LASIK
But you all on that fake sh!t
One time coming for the boy like, "woo!"
Coming for the boy like, "eee!"
Everybody want a little bit of the way that I do it
They do it, but not like me
B!tch, I got the gang with me
Watch 'em bang with me, watch 'em bang with me like, "eh!"
No, it ain't the same with me since I changed
F**king with the fame got me like, "eh!"
Everybody want a little bit of the boy
But nowadays, they just can't f**k with me
I could give a motherf**k about the rap game
The game, the game, now I'm finally free
Tell me who f**king with me?
6ix on the beat is like god on the beat
Pardon my ego, there he go thinking he god on the beat
Y'all know I'm rhyming elite, my rhyming don't never deplete
F**k are they rhyming about? I'mma rap 'til I can't even speak

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Last Update: April 19, 2024

44ever Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "44ever" song?

"44ever" song is sung by Logic.

Who is the lyrics writer of "44ever" song?

"44ever" song lyrics written by Logic, 6ix & PoST.

Who is the music producer of "44ever" song?

"44ever" song music composed & produced by 6ix & PoST.

When was "44ever" song released?

"44ever" song was released on April 19, 2024.