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"Pray 4 Us" by Trippie Redd, song touch on themes of authenticity, success, relationships, street life, and personal confidence. Trippie Redd blends various elements of his lifestyle, emotions, and experiences into the verses, creating a complex and multi-layered narrative. Let's explain the meaning of each paragraph. ...Read More

Pray 4 Us Lyrics

[Intro: Switch]
I used to think about immature things
You know, like, do you love me?
Do you want me?
Are you gonna call me like you said you would?
Is this really your real phone number?
And this beat from Cash, not from YouTube

[Verse: Trippie Redd]
Yeah, you see-through
Bite from a snake, lethal
Woke up rocking Evisu
You don't wanna stay, why keep you?
In the rain where I leave you
You ain't gang why would I piece you?
Like, what's up?
More money, more love
AP, two-tone
I was outside with that chrome
Maybach ready to go
Look at my neck, it's covered in stones
Look at my yard, it's covered in bones
King of the hill
All of my family is royalty, n!gga, you better kneel
Don't gotta talk 'bout respect in this sh!t, you know the real
Don't gotta talk 'bout my blessings and sh!t, you know the real
I don't want that fake love, it ain't real
It ain't much to say, love, it's 2 AM
I'm crazy 'bout your love
Go over and above
You know I'm pouring up, smoking on that gas
I'm a demon in the night time, leave him in the past
When I f**k that b!tch she call me, "Dad"
She say that's the best love that she ever had
Sh!t, you gotta get in your bag
You gotta get to the cash, you gotta get it and digital dash
Stepping on sh!t, keep a Glock and mask
Turning your plaid tie-dye
Throwing up bands in G5
Double C bag on T-Y
Don't wanna see him reaching
It's late night and we creeping
This her class but I teach her
I don't give a sh!t about Oxford
Better go get you a doctor
Better go get you a Perc'
That boy in pain, he hurt
Leave that lil' b!tch in the dirt
Put the lil' b!tch on a shirt
Candlelight sh!t, fly high
R.I.P. Spook, R.I.P. 9
See a opp, then drop me the dime
We ain't worried 'bout sh!t or time
Leave that boy stinking, hard time
Psycho, out of my mind
I think I'm Picasso, I'm painting your ride, bah
Red rum, hundred shots, pu**y, you're done
Run up the bread, it was crumbs
Now I got a damn green thumb
Now I got a pair of green lungs
My mama told me the devil alive
My auntie in here speaking tongues
I'll get to the top, I'ma lunge
I know I'm the sh!t but they'll never plunge
My Draco got kick so you better run
I'm taking a pic with my b!tch in the sun, yeah
That boy Michael Vick, that boy like to run
I'm out with the gang, no clique, no squad
You know we the gang, you know we the mob

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Pray 4 Us Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Pray 4 Us" song?

"Pray 4 Us" song is sung by Trippie Redd.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Pray 4 Us" song?

"Pray 4 Us" song lyrics written by Trippie Redd, Cash Cobain, Greg Williams & Bobby DeBarge.

Who is the music producer of "Pray 4 Us" song?

"Pray 4 Us" song music composed & produced by Cash Cobain.

When was "Pray 4 Us" song released?

"Pray 4 Us" song was released on November 10, 2023.