Sport Billy Lyrics – Booba (Engish)

French 304 November 17, 2023
Sport Billy Lyrics (Engish) by Booba from Booba (Singles). The music is produced by Yacine STT, while lyrics are written by Booba. The music track was released on November 17, 2023.

Sport Billy Lyrics (Engish)

[Intro: Booba]
Yacine smokes the track

[Verse 1: Booba]
Rapocalyptic, my goal was to smoke and chatter
Small or big, we turn you off
Pto, don't talk to me about age
We are too much on the planet (Too much)
I deduce that they're all going to kill us
(All going to kill us)
My children will never say
"Daddy, where are you?" (Daddy, where are you?)
I've hidden my weapons in Sport Billy's bag (Sport Billy)
Closed circle like the barrel of the 9 milli' (9 milli')
They won't live two hundred years
(They won't live two hundred years)
They won't turn back time (Never)
The end is near, Hallelujah
It's written in the Torah, the Quran
No one will stop the elements
Sword in hand, Valhalla awaits us
The goal is that no one gets up
Because it pays off for the young and old (Young and old)
If we have to shoot to get away, the magazines are full
Just press the trigger (Just press the trigger)
On the trigger, PNC at the doors
We prepare for the descent (We prepare for the descent)
Don't talk to me about phoenix, I don't rise
It's not us in the ashes (In the ashes)
I'll burn only once, that's enough
Who can stop me, not Vald Sullyvan (No)
Nor his dad, the fascist (Fascist)
I stay in power like Zasso
Woman, make me a hot dish
100 minus 8 zoo, far from Damso
Tired of your fake equality
When it blows up, we'll need men
No halos, we'll need horns, mind and shield of Björn
I'm African like Fior de Bior, bald like Voldemort
Our technique: we fck your dead
Only the nearsighted throws spells
It's my Sicario who has your lighter
Parallel economy (Parallel economy)
Without cash, brother, it's complicated
You prepare tomorrow for yesterday (For yesterday)
You're dead in the movie (You're dead in the movie)
No fruits in the smoothie (No fruits in the smoothie)
Who eats tuna dreams of sushi (Dreams of sushi)
We solve a problem with a problem (With a problem)
I deduce that they're all going to kill us
(All going to kill us)

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Sport Billy" song?

"Sport Billy" song is sung by Booba.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Sport Billy" song?

"Sport Billy" song lyrics written by Booba.

Who is the music producer of "Sport Billy" song?

"Sport Billy" song music composed & produced by Yacine STT.

When was "Sport Billy" song released?

"Sport Billy" song was released on November 17, 2023.